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  • Insulin Pen Medical Cooler Bag

  • Insulin Pen Medical Cooler Bag

  • Insulin Pen Medical Cooler Bag

Insulin Pen Carrying Case Medical Cooler Bag

Imitation leather outer material, PU+VIP as a thermal insulation material portable medical insulation box, with super thermal insulation performance

Product Description

Insulin Pen Carrying Case Portable Medical Cooler Bag  small cool box with 2-8 degrees ice pack for transport

Rev.Lang insulin cooler travel case is specially designed for diabetic patients who need insulin, keeping insulin below 8℃ (46.4℉) for 48 hours. The case is made of EVA material and 1680D nylon. Have passed professional tests, it’s harmless to human body. This is a necessary tool for carrying insulin when diabetic patients go travelling, camping, hiking, work, etc.
Easy to use, you can carry your insulin supplies without electricity.
The case is reusable. 
Insulin Storage Conditions:  
√Sealed insulin can be stored in the refrigerator (2℃ - 8℃, or 35.6℉ - 46.4℉) for up to 2 years.
√Normally used insulin can be stored for 6 weeks at 2℃ to 25℃ (35.6℉ to 77℉).
√Insulin should be kept out of direct sunlight. 

Product Details:
Product Details Externally waterproof oxford bag with zip around and shoulder strap.
The interior is made up of 6 removable VIP boards and 6 PCM ice packs, which can be kept cold 2-8 degree for 48 hours.
VIP is the Vacuum Insulation Panel abbreviation of English; it is one of the Insulation materials, it is by the core filling materials and vacuum protection surface layer compound and into, it effectively avoid air convection caused by heat transfer, therefore coefficient of thermal conductivity can be greatly reduced, less than 0.0025 w/m.k, and does not contain any OD materials, it has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy efficient, the world's most advanced efficient heat preservation material.

Ice pack is made of food-grade HPDE material, safe, non-toxicity and tasteless. The size is 16.5*9.7*3CM each, and weight 400 g each. There are 6pcs ice pack for one cooler bag. 

Insulin Pen Medical Cooler Bag

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